Training for the Lazy by Jim Bowers
This "training" section is not what you might expect - you won't find a description of specific exercises, diets, etc. If you want that stuff.... I mean if you are really motivated like that, I suggest you visit my good friend Eric Horst's website. That's Horst spelled with an umlat over the 'o.' Two little dots above the 'o' that is. I don't know how to make my computer make those dots or I'd put them in there. I suppose I could find out but I'm lazy and that would be work. And this training section is for people who don't like to work.

In the land where Eric Horst's ancesters came from, people have umlats and hard to spell names like Schwarzenegger (we just call him "Arnold"). Those people think nothing of all the work involved in putting two little dots above some of their letters while simultaneously trying to cram every other letter in the alphabet into nearly each one of their words.

Perhaps it is the missing umlats, but lazy americans often lack the sort of external discipline or compulsiveness needed to train "arnold style," which brings us to.....

The Simian training philosophy. Monkeys and apes don't train, but look how well THEY climb.