How to order synrock holds
This is a very informal shopping experience. Just E-mail ( the sets you want and I'll get back to you with a link to pay by PAYPAL.

Paypal will email you a request for funds. Click on the link. You have the option of paying with VISA, Mastercard, etc. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN PAYPAL to pay with a credit card or bank electronic check.

I ship exclusively using USPS large Flat rate boxes. This is the cheapest shipping possible and it's fast 2 day shipping as well. You cannot save money by combining sets into one large box and shipping UPS. The flat rate box option is always cheaper. Synrock holds are heavy and a large flat rate box full of holds typically weighs 25 lbs. This means you pay a flat fee of $17 shipping for each flat rate box set.

Canada and overseas. Unfortunately there are no cheap shipping options. The best bet is to order my sets through Ebay as their shipping options are cheaper than mine.

EBAY - I typically have 40-50 different set on Ebay at a given time. This is a lot more sets than exist on this web page so if you are looking for other stuff - particularly small bolt-on holds search ebay for synrock climbing holds. I can sell direct any ebay auction here for the start price there.


All bolt on holds supplied with FREE 3/8" socket cap screw mounting bolts - optional plated outdoor bolts available for additional fee. Screw-on holds use commonly available drywall screws and I do not supply those.

Synrock info line