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This page is dedicated to everything bouldering. That means rock and crashpads. And maybe chalk and shoes. No. Mostly ROCK. And CRASHPADS. That's about everything in bouldering. Lets start with ROCK. Pennsylvania ROCK.
Pennsylvania has the best bouldering in the northeast. Really good rock, lots of it, a very long bouldering season and close proximity to a huge population base makes the KEYSTONE state a recreational gold mine.

Unfortunately PA has a long history of destroying it's natural resources.

The purpose of this rant is to try to point out the value of PA's "NONRENEWABLE" bouldering resource while it is still around to be enjoyed.

PA's 50 classic boulders if you had to pick the 50 best boulders in Pennsylvania, which would you pick? This is the list of boulders I'd like to have in my back yard.
PA's 50 classic "Highballs" - You want some adrenaline. Surviving the experience would be nice too.
Geology of PA Bouldering - Where is this "sticky rock" located and what makes it so good?
Crashpad GAMES! Yes, there are crashpad games. Some are the best ab workouts I've ever had - and half of that was from laughing.

Is your crashpad oversized luggage? Many airlines charge more. Go here for the remedy.