C.O.R.E. series
Continuous, Open-hand Radius Ergonomic
EXTREMELY comfortable tendon friendly holds. You will apprecate the well worn glove-like fit. Shapes designed to be pleasing for the hands (you climb with your hands not your eyes :). Click on photos for larger images, ship wt. and other beta
Mini Jugs
Mini Jugs $23 each set (5 holds) smaller version of our Jugs for a more finger intensive workout. Versatile, all around holds for walls of almost any angle. Super affordable! All 8 sets $149
Jugs, sets A-H ...$34 each set (5 holds) These are super comfortable, large radius, hand swallowing holds. Perfect for steep walls (30-60 degree overhanging). All 8 sets $249
Giant Roof hold $29
Roof holds - $35 each set (5 holds) The steeper the wall, the more weight/force on your hands - the more you will appreciate the comfort of synrock. Any 2 sets $65.

Classic set $29
Classic set - the most fun one hand can have.
X-Large sets A-C $29 each set (3 holds)